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Suncoast Solid-State Guitar and Bass Preamps.

"The Home of 100% Authentic Analog Tone,

Have a Nice Show."


Suncoast BC2 Bass Preamp

BC2 YouTube Video

Suncoast G2xl Guitar Preamp

Real Analog Tone, You'll Hear the Difference!

"from jazz to  rock to metal, this pedal does it all..."   Dick Bauerle


Suncoast HD Series Tube Preamps featuring:

"Hybrid Analog Design 2.0 Technology ".

Suncoast HD2 Guitar Preamp


     "If you are looking for a tube preamp pedal that can deliver a faithful British meets Dumble tone, this is it! And I should know. It's based on the same circuitry that's in my Suncoast Custom 50 amp. BIG Sound, lightweight package, problem solved. Could this be the ultimate pedal for both Clean and OD tones - I think so! And it's loaded with the original "Skyliner Mod" tone shaping features like Jazz/Rock EQ, Mid Boost and Deep Cut. Sound too good to be true? Maybe. Until you hear it......."   Dick Bauerle, Buffalo, NY.

Suncoast HD3 Bass Preamp

Suncoast F2p Tube Preamp

F2p YouTube Video


Suncoast B500 and G500 Series Studio Preamp Modules


    Dream Theater's John Myung utilizes the Suncoast B1p and B501 Bass Preamps as part of his complex signal chain.

bassplayer magazine article here


The Original G2p Guitar and B1p Bass Preamp Pedals



"Suncoast Preamps are the Culmination of Everything I have looked for in Tone for the Last 35 years.

  Clean Sounds that are Pristine and you can Blend Overdriven sounds from Subtle to Outrageous".  

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